Whether caused by an eye infection, eye injury, or allergies, swollen eyes can be ugly and painful. So, what is the best treatment for dry, swollen eyes?

The cause of the swollen eyes must be determined in order to find the best course of treatment.  There are a few questions to ask in order to determine whether your swollen eyes are caused by an infection, injury, allergies, or something else.

What Causes Swollen Eyes?

  • Allergies Are swollen eyes caused by allergies?  The most common reason for swollen eyes, especially in the spring and fall, is allergies.  Eye allergies cause the immune system to overreact to an allergen such as pollen, dust, pet dander, and certain eye drops and the blood vessels to dilate and swell.  The cure for swollen blood vessels in the eyes is often an antihistamine that causes the blood vessels in the eyes to contract but leaves the eyes dry and sticky.
  • ConjunctivitisAre swollen eyes caused from conjunctivitis?  When the clear lining of the surface of the eye becomes inflamed, conjunctivitis or “pink eye” occurs.  Swollen eyelids, red, watery, and itchy eyes often accompany conjunctivitis caused by allergic, bacterial, or viral culprits.
  • StyesAre swollen eyes caused from a stye?  A stye is infectious. A stye is a swollen, red bump on the edge of an eyelid caused by inflammation of the meibomian gland.  The meibomian gland becomes blocked, and the oils produced from the gland cannot get to the surface of the eye which leads to swelling and eyes that are dry and sticky.
  • ChalazionAre swollen eyes caused from a chalazion?  Also caused from a blocked meibomian gland, a chalazion develops into a hard-sebaceous cyst. Unlike a stye, a chalazion is not infectious.
  • Eye injuryAre swollen eyes caused by some type of injury to the eye?  A black eye or any other trauma to the eye, such as cosmetic surgery, can cause the eyes to swell.
  • Blepharitis Are swollen eyes caused by inflammation of the eye lids- blepharitis?
  • Inflamed Eyelids – The culprit could be bacterial or from mites on eye lashes.  This infectious process result in a lot of inflammation, and when it is not under control, eye lids become irritated and swollen
  • Ocular Rosacea – Red Eyes often resulting from people who has facial rosacea.  This is a genetic disorder where a lot of inflammation from rosacea causes eye lid inflammation – therefore chronic blepharitis. In order to recover, both rosacea ocular rosacea, chronic dry eyes, blepharitis and MGD must be actively treated to prevent recurrence.   

Is There a Natural Way to Treat Swollen Eyelids?

Depending on the underlying cause, there are several natural remedies to treat swollen eyelids:

  • Proper eye lid hygiene – Keeping the eyelids and eyelashes clean and free of debris and tiny mites can keep the meibomian glands from becoming blocked.
  • Hot compress – A hot compress applied to the eyes can allow the blocked glands to loosen and allow the natural oils to flow freely.
  • Fish Oil – Known for being rich in unsaturated fatty acids, fish oil is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids that aid the body in replenishing docosahexaenoic and eicosatetraenoic acids that are found in the retina.
  • TheraLife Eye capsules – Treat dry eyes from within, not from the surface with like eye drops. This formula will restore your tear production so you get dry eye relief with your own tears.

Since most swollen eye problems occur due to the body’s reaction to pollen, dander, debris, or other factors that block the meibomian glands, keeping the eyes clean and healthy is the key to reducing swollen eyes.

The #1 Natural Solution

If you are looking for a natural way to treat your swollen eyelids, TheraLife has the solution to help restore normal eye functions and treats the symptoms of MGD, blepharitis, and dry eyes.  TheraLife is the leader in chronic dry eye relief. With an all-natural, proprietary blend of ingredients, TheraLife Eye Enhanced is doctor recommended and clinically proven to provide chronic dry eye relief in 80% of first-time users.  

The all-natural dry eye formula in TheraLife Eye Enhanced helps the body to restore the eyes’ own natural ability to produce healing tears from the inside out.

The TheraLife Eye Enhanced Starter Kit provides users everything needed to provide dry eye relief and reduce swollen and painful eyes.  Included in the starter kit:

  • 4 bottles of TheraLife Eye Enhanced
  • 1 bottle of Omega-3 Fish Oil
  • 1 bottle of eye lid cleanser
  • 1 hot compress

Especially recommended for Blepharitis/MGD dry eye sufferers, the starter kit contains all of the elements essential for finding lasting dry eye relief conveniently delivered in one package.  Try TheraLife today and begin your journey to natural dry eye relief.

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