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 Autoimmune Dry Eyes Testimonials

Noticed A Marked Improvement

I have rosacea and have been struggling with a severe chronic dry eye condition, diagnosed by my ophthalmologist nearly two years ago. None of the treatments prescribed worked – not punctal plugs, antibiotics or prescription eye drops. It was so bad that I was getting corneal abrasions, forcing me to miss work and spend many days lying in bed with my eyes closed. While the steroid eye drop I was prescribed for the corneal abrasions does help, it is not safe to be used on a long-term basis because of the potential side-effects (glaucoma, etc.). My eyes were also extremely sensitive to the sun, even with my sunglasses on. I was beginning to feel totally helpless, as if the quality of my life was slipping away from me, and I couldn’t do anything to stop it! That changed the day I discovered TheraLife Eye Enhanced on the internet. I noticed a marked improvement in my eye condition since taking the TheraLife Eye Enhanced and the TheraLife Fish Oil. It has been two months now. I’m so very grateful that I discovered this wonderful product. It has changed my life for the better, one day at a time!

*Note: Results may vary.*


Dry Eye Problem Under Control

I am a 48 year old woman who was diagnosed with Graves Disease 5 years ago. Graves’s disease tends to attack the thyroid gland as well as the eyes. My eye problem started about 4 years ago with severe dryness. I went to many doctors with NO success!!! They only suggested I continue to put eye drops and ointments in my eyes. This actually exacerbated my problem. I became very desperate, and then found TheraLife on the internet. I found relief within a few weeks and have been on a dose of 2-4 pills ever since. I DO NOT use ANY eye drops or ointments anymore. The supplements totally keep my dry eye problem under control. Once in awhile, I need to take 6-8 capsules, but after a couple of weeks, I usually can go back to about 4. I am extremely happy and grateful for finding TheraLife.


*Note: Results may vary.*


Suggest You Take These Capsules

Last year I was diagnosed with keratonconjunctivitis Sicca, a serious eye condition, and was told my by doctor that it was incurable. The doctor gave me drops to help with the discomfort. I am a natural health practitioner, so I researched and found the TheraLife site on the internet. I started taking the TheraLife Eye Autoimmune Capsules and had been on them 6 months when I was due to go and have a check-up on my eyes. They couldn’t believe that my eyes were completely clear! Of course when I told them what I had been doing (i.e taking your capsules), they looked at me as if I was crazy. Why won’t these professional in the main stream medical field accept and embrace the natural health field? To anyone who has problems similar to mine, I really suggest you take these capsules – they do work!

*Note: Results may vary.*


A Wonderful Product

I was diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome 4 years ago. I tried everything my doctor suggested. Nothing really worked for me. Then a co-worker recommended TheraLife. I called, and they were so helpful in getting me started and are very knowledgeable too. After about 2 months, my eyes had improved so much. My dry mouth has improved as well. I work in a casino where the air is VERY VERY dry, and without TheraLife, I don’t know what I would do. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product.

*Note: Results may vary.*


Beneficial Effect Was So Striking

For a number of years Naturopathic physicians have suggested that I might have Sjogren’s syndrome. Because there isn’t a medical cure, the recommendation is always to treat symptoms with prescription drugs. I opted to use my money for things like TheraLife®, rather, that is all natural. I have been diagnosed with Myopia, Fuch’s Endothelial Dystrophy in both eyes, a backwards-growing cataract in the right, and Vitreous Detachment in the left.

I am an Energy Work Practitioner (since 1987). I practice on myself every day. Makes a huge difference. In addition to the energy practice, I began taking TheraLife® Autoimmune Dry Eye Formula since April 2007. Just one capsule gave my energy such a boost, and the beneficial effect on my eyes was so striking. So, for over 3 years it’s been one capsule per day. I feel quite dependent upon it, as though it provides something for my whole body, not just the eyes – something that my body isn’t producing for me. I am very grateful for what TheraLife put together.

My day-to-day eye health support team consists now of TheraLife® Autoimmune Dry Eye Formula, Energy Work, and Can-C™ (for cataract). For me this is a wonderful combination. I encourage others to keep seeking – to start getting to know yourself, asking questions about possibilities, and exploring what might be available that could work for you and your eyes.

*Note: Results may vary.*


Wonderful Added Benefit

I have Rheumatoid arthritis and chronic dry eyes. My dry eye symptoms continues to improve. The biggest miracle of all with TheraLife Autoimmune is that my very painful right knee continues to improve as well! I have two kinds of arthritis, osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis. Last year the pain was so bad that I could barely walk; my husband had to get the groceries. After taking the TheraLife Autoimmune for about 3 months for my dry eye condition, I began to notice that my knee felt better. Now I am close to walking normally. The knee improvement started after having taken TheraLife for 3 months. I was using a cane, and now I don’t need it, I am just amazed. I was not expecting this wonderful added benefit. Thank you so much.

*Note: Results may vary.*


Highly Recommend It

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is one of the autoimmune disorders. My dry eye problems began last year. I started to notice that when I was driving I was blinking a lot because the light was bothering my eyes. We also moved to the mountains, and it is very dry due to high altitude; this further aggravated my dry eyes. In the morning my eyes were stuck with gooey stuff. I could not read for long or watch T.V. because of the constant blinking. I also felt as if something were in my right eye. I could not wear eye makeup because of the irritation.

I went to my doctor, he told me to run a vaporizer and use over-the-counter eye drops; none of this helped. I had friends who had also gone to their eye doctors for help and weren’t helped very much. One was given a supply of prescription eye drops (You know which one it is. I cannot mention the name here.) which made her eyes feel worse.

I found TheraLife on the internet and tried TheraLife Autoimmune Dry Eye formula. I noticed a difference in one week. This is an amazing product. I highly recommend it.

I have told my friend about ThereLife, and she is going to try it!

One note of caution: I did find, as warned by TheraLife, that if I drank alcohol or caffeine some of the symptoms came back, so I am being very careful about that so that my eyes will continue healing.

*Note: Results may vary.*


Miracle For My Eyes

I was diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome and have extremely dry eyes. My eye doctor described my eye lids and cornea as being chapped. She said it was dangerous on the cornea, as it could make a tear. I tried other treatments for over a year – over-the-counter drops, gels, and finally prescription eye drop Restasis, which I could not tolerate. I was desperate. Then my sister told me about TheraLife.

It has been 2 years since I have been on TheraLife Autoimmune. I saw my eye doctor recently, and she examined my eyes. There wasn’t any trace of chapping, my tear level was better, and tears are staying in my eyes longer.  She was amazed.  She said it was a miracle.  I showed her the bottle of TheraLife which I brought with me.  She said she was going to see your website, and see about referring other patients to use your product!  She was truly amazed!

I’m so glad I found your product. It was like a miracle for my eyes. I wouldn’t be without it.

Thank you for everything

*Note: Results may vary.*


I Have My Life Back Again

I first found out that I had Sjogren’s and severe dry eyes six years ago. My eye doctor put me on Restasis for the first year, plus systane drops. I used eye drops all day long with no relief. Throughout the six years, my eyes were getting worse, and I felt miserable at the end of each day. My eyes were so red and uncomfortable – I just wanted to pull my eyes out. I was not a happy person – very depressed, no social life – all I wanted to do was close my eyes. I would pray for a miracle every day. I went on line and searched for alternative medicine. I can say my prayers have been answered. I have been on TheraLife Autoimmune for three months, and I have my life back again. My family and co-workers also noticed the major difference in my eyes. They are very happy for me. TheraLife Autoimmune is worth every penny. TheaLife is the best thing that ever happened to me, its the answer to my prayers.

*Note: Results may vary.*


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