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 LASIK Dry Eyes Testimonials


No More Discomfort

My experience with TheraLife Eye Enhanced has been remarkable. I had lasik eye surgery in 2007, because my eyes were too dry to wear contacts. I was 62 years old and very near-sighted. The surgery corrected my vision perfectly for both distance and close up, but I was left with eyes so dry, red, and painful that my daily life was affected. The eye doctor at the lasik center prescribed a prescription eye drop and sent me on my way. No help. I began seeing an opthalmologist who diagnosed me with chronic blepharitis and added expensive antibiotic drops, which I used for ten days each month in addition to the first prescription eye drop, which I used twice a day. No help.

I found TheraLife Eye online and got my life back. I took 8 capsules per day as recommended, and now I am down to two pills a day. I pop a couple more when I travel to low humidity areas or when my eyes feel uncomfortable. No more discomfort and my eyes are clear again.

I recommended this product to a friend who was using a prescription eye drop until her insurance no longer covered it. She also is happy the results. It seems expensive at first when the dosage is high, but if you can eventually lower the daily number of pills like I did, it seems very economical for the great results you might get.

*Note: Results may vary.*


The One That Has Worked The Best

I have chronic dry eye due to LASIK. My eyes are definitely better since I have been taking TheraLife capsules in combination with the fish oil.  I also take flax seed oil twice daily.

Approx 6 weeks after my lasik eye surgery I developed severe dry eyes.  (I had the operation in November of 2007.)  I tried many products, and the one that has worked the best for me is TheraLife Eye.  I have also forwarded your information to TLC (Toronto Lasik Clinic); they should be aware of products out there to help the many patients who experience dry eyes after surgery.  I still have to use non-preservative eye drops during the day and gel at night…. but it’s definitely much less frequent since I have been using your product.

*Note: Results may vary.*


Noticed Relief Within A Week

I had Lasik surgery about 4 years ago. I was told a few weeks after the surgery that I would have to use dry eyes for the rest of my life, every hour of the day. I tried virtually every kind of eye drop available on the market. I checked a Lasik surgery forum to make myself feel better, since there are others with worse problems than mine. However, having dry eyes that are continually limiting one’s ability to see comfortably is very difficult.

After one year, when it became clear to me that my eyes had completed healing as much as they could post-Lasik, I started searching the Internet for solutions to dry eyes and found TheraLife. The testimonials looked promising but they did not mention helping post-Lasik dry eye problems. In desperation, I called TheraLife. Angela was very encouraging. I explained that I was one year post-Lasik and that my eyes were still very dry. She said that TheraLife Eye should help but that it might take about 3 months for me to get results. I was encouraged that she thought it would help even post-Lasik patients.

I received my first order of TheraLife Eye and followed the enclosed instructions. To my pleasant surprise, I noticed relief within a week. Two weeks later, it was even better. TheraLife Eye, according to their brochure, builds in your system over time and continues to improve your tear quality and tear production over time (2 to 3 months?). I continued to take TheraLife Eye and after about 3 months, my eyes felt very comfortable. I have been taking TheraLife Eye daily ever since. When I forget once in a while, my eyes still feel okay. I have been taking TheraLife Eye for about 3 years now. Thank you so much for making this wonderful product. I am able to live a normal life and have comfortable eyes because of your product.

*Note: Results may vary.*


I Can’t Believe It!

I’ve been taking TheraLife Eye Enhanced for 2 weeks, and I can’t believe it! My eyes feel so much better, I am less sensitive to sunlight, and the white stringy mucus coming out of my eye’s corner has almost stopped. Before taking TheraLife Eye, my eyes felt so uncomfortable, sandy, gritty and watery. These pills are worth every penny.

*Note: Results may vary.*


Completely Solved This Condition

After having LASIK eye surgery 2 years ago, I developed Chronic Dry Eyes.   I was given several types of gels and eye drops to help this condition, but they did not work and caused the eye lid to become puffy and sore.

I searched the internet and found TheraLife.  I am two months into taking the TheraLife Eye it has completely solved this condition. 

Within weeks, the soreness reduced and swelling went down, and now I rarely have dry eye symptoms at all.  I take a low maintenance dosage on daily basis to keep dry eyes away.

I am so happy with the results and finding TheraLife.  Dr. Yang has emailed me with lots of support and knew exactly what to suggest and the cause.

I cannot recommend TheraLife highly enough. AMAZING. THANK YOU!

*Note: Results may vary.*


The Moisture Level Nature Intended

I had LASIK surgery done approximately 4 years ago, and, while I was very happy with my improved vision, the surgery left me with a fairly chronic case of dry eye. I spent literally hundreds of dollars on different eye drops, nighttime lubricating “goo,” and other products without getting any real relief.

I came across TheraLife’s website one day, and while I doubted that a non-prescription and non-surgical treatment would be any better than what I had already tried, I figured that at $115 for the starter pack, TheraLife Eye would be worth a shot. Man, was I right! I felt relief within a few days, and by the end of the first week my eyes felt as good as they had pre-LASIK. Another benefit is that by maintaining my eyes at the moisture level nature intended, I no longer suffer spells of blurred vision from dryness; my overall vision has thus improved, and I am getting the most out of my LASIK investment.

This product is truly remarkable. To anyone who suffers from dry eye syndrome, I recommend that you give TheraLife Eye a try.

*Note: Results may vary.*


Within Days, Miracles Started

I was suffering from severe dry eyes ever since a Lasik operation in April 2005.The doctor told me to put more eye drops and gave that old salesman pitch “Oh that’s normal, it will go away eventually. Yours might just take a longer time. Don’t worry”. Months and then a year have passed and still there is not much improvement. Although my vision is 20/20, the dryness is killing me like mad. By the way, I had my Lasik operation at the National Eye Centre.

After taking your TheraLife pills, within days, miracles started to happen. My eyes gradually became more watery and brighter week after week. I no longer feel that sudden pain I used to feel when my eyes were exposed to immediate bright sunlight. But of course, those carrot juice and cod liver oil suggestions also help to enhance recovery. But the main formula is still TheraLife life capsules. Believe it not, my vision should now be superman 10/10! And now, I just need to put in those eye drops once or twice a week.
The online order form is also easy to use and delivery is super fast. From USA to Singapore takes less than a week!

A one thousand and one thanks to the doctor and staff who have invented TheraLife and made it affordable!

Thank you!

*Note: Results may vary.*

Robert Loh

Doctor: The Best Available Treatment

I continue to hear from my patients who are contact lens wearers and LASIK surgery patients that indeed they are finding dry eye relief by taking TheraLife’s remarkable formulation. As I have said before, the best available treatment that I have found for dry eyes is still TheraLife Eye, because it produces sustainable long-term results, has good patient acceptance, and contains all natural ingredients that (best of all) work! Some eye drops, on the other hand, can actually make the dry eye condition worse.

I want to thank you for helping my patients get the eye relief that they can’t find elsewhere and to encourage you to keep up the good job!

[Dr. Burton Worrell, Phone: (408) 267-2020]

*Note: Results may vary.*

Dr. Burton Worrell, Assistant Clinical Professor, UC Berkeley


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