Complete Solution to Stop Recurring Chalazion

TheraLife Eye Enhanced Bundle Chalazion is caused by chronic dry eyes with clogged meibomian oil glands. TheraLife Eye has been clinically proven to restore and revive tear and oil glands intraceullarly. Your choice for chalazion treatment is clear. TheraLife has the complete solution

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Are you stuck in this viscous cycle?

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No more recurring chalazia

I was diagnosed 2 years ago with Blepharitis after a huge chalazion would not go away with eye lid cleaning with baby shampoo & hot compresses. I would still get chalazion every other month. Sometimes on both upper & lower lids at same time. My eye lashes would fall out. Searching online I found Thera Life- an all natural product. I started with 4 capsules morning & night plus eye lid cleansing with Avenova. Within a month I noticed a difference. I am now chalazion free. After 6 months I reduced capsules to 1/ day. My lids are no longer red & inflamed. I understand chronic Blepharitis never really goes away. I will continue taking TheraLife as I truly feel it has prevented chalazion and kept my lids healthy. Dr Yang has been in touch regularly to check my progress …truly appreciated. Thank you

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Other Blepharitis Remedies

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Eyelid Detergent Cleanser

Strips away your eyes natural lubricants making eyelids sore and dry. Also allows bacteria and mites to re-attach to eyelids after cleaning.

HypoChlor Cleanser

This natural cleanser contains hypochlorous acid: it disrupts the biofilm layer where bacteria and mites like to anchor, preventing re-attachment

  • Contains ingredients that your own body already produces
Steroid Eye Drops

Strips away your eyes natural lubricants making eyelids sore and dry. Also allows bacteria and mites to re-attach to eyelids after cleaning.

TheraLife Eye Capsules

Clinically-proven ingredients that restore your eyes natural tear secretion functions to stop the dry eye cycle. This is a better and healthier long-term solution to treating dry eyes, over time you should not have to use eye drops.

Read more about how TheraLife Eye works >>

Moisturizing Eye Drops

Frequent use makes eyes drier and drier because your eyes stop producing natural tears

Fish Oil

Has been known to fight inflammation and thicken tears

Hot Wash Cloth

Loses heat over time

Hot Compress

Stays warm for 20 minutes. You need this prolonged heat to unclog the meibomian glands, allow lubricants, thicken tears for long lasting relief.

theralife-logoChalazion Kit


All-In-One Chalazion Starter Kit:

4 bottles of TheraLife Eye (60 capsules each),
1 bottle of molecularly distilled purified Fish Oil,
1 bottle of eye lid cleanser, 1 gel hot compress. Retail $184.80
Special Discount $170.00. You save $14.85
90 days money back guaranteed.


TheraLife has the complete solution.

1. Hot Compress
to open clogged meibomian oil glands.

2. TheraLife Eye Capsules
to revive intra-cellulary to restore balanced,
sustainable tears all day long.

3. Fish Oil
fights inflammation and thickens tears

4. Eye Lid Cleanser
to clean and stop reattachment of bacteria
and mites which causes inflammation.

Call Dr. Yang and see if TheraLife is right for you!

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Complete Solution to Stop Recurring Chalazia

Are you having painful recurring chalazion on your eye lids? You may even have had surgeries to remove the lumps, only to have it come back. Frustrated?

Chalazion (chalazia) are caused by clogged meibomian oil glands located on your upper and lower eye lids.  Reasons for the clogging include chronic dry eyes resulting in inflammation of the eye lids (Blepharitis) and clogged meibomian glands.

To stop recurring Chalazia, it is critical to resolve chronic dry eyes and blepharitis first.

TheraLife recommends this Chalazion Starter Kit because it includes all the elements that are essential for dry eyes relief (TheraLife Eye Capsules); Hot Compress (unclog oil glands); Eye Lid Cleanser (stop blepharitis) and Fish Oil ( provide lubrication), collected for you into one conveniently packaged discount solution.

Original price $184.80
discount to $170.00 ( Save $14.85)


How Severe Are Your Chronic Dry Eyes? Call Dr. Yang 1-877-917-1989 US/Canada or 650-949-6080 International

How To Treat A Chalazion? TheraLife® Can Help

What is a Chalazion?

A chalazion is a small bump that appears on your eyelid because of a blocked oil gland (meibomian glands).  It can develop on the inside lower or upper eyelid, and it often disappears without formal treatment in about one month. Treating a chalazion with TheraLife for fastest healing involves using eyelid cleanser to keep lids and lashes clean, using a hot compress to open blocked glands in the eye, and taking the Eye Enhanced oral supplement tablets to balance and heal your body from the inside.

Causes of Chalazion

People with meibomian gland dysfunction tend to be more prone to chalazion and may have recurring chalazions.

Chalazions are often confused with styes.  They are both caused by blocked meibomian glands – oil producing glands. The difference is – styes are often painful where chalazions are not.  Styes are caused by bacterial infections and are contagious. Treating a chalazion is easier than treating a stye due to the absence of infection.

In rare instances, chalazia are caused by skin cancer.  You should seek advice from your doctor if you are concerned and/or are not having success in treating a chalazion yourself.

Symptoms of a Chalazion

The most common symptoms of a chalazion are:

  • a tender spot on your eyelid
  • a hard lump on your eyelid that you have never seen before
  • increased tearing of the eyes
  • blurred or blocked vision
  • sensitivity to light

How to treat a Chalazion / Chalazia?

The traditional chalazion remedy is simply to use hot compress.  Sometimes eye doctors will prescribe eye lid cleansing and eye drops in additional to hot compress. If these approaches are not working for you, then you need more advanced treatment protocol such as TheraLife.

A key clinical factor in chalazion is inflammation. Inflammation causes tear secretion glands to shut down – resulting in dry eyes. Use TheraLife®Eye Enhanced to reduce inflammation and restore meibomian glands’ ability to produce healthy levels of lubricants and dry eye relief.  Therefore, the best chalazion remedy is to treat both dry eyes, blepharitis and prevent chalazion forming to begin with.  Chalazion is a part of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction.

In addition, try treating a chalazion by applying a hot compress to your eyelid several times a day for about 10 minutes at a time. This can reduce the swelling by softening the oils in the blocked gland, which should help the lump to drain on its own. Use our Eyelid Cleanser when treating a chalazion to keep your eye lids clean and to prevent eye lid infections (which can lead to styes).

You may also be told to massage the lump gently a few times per day to try to drain it. Before you do this, make sure your hands and any compresses you use are clean.

Surgeries for Treating a Chalazion

If the chalazion does not go away within about one month, you should return to your doctor to discuss your options for other chalazion remedies. When a chalazion does not heal after treatment, it may need to be surgically removed. This is especially true if it keeps growing, blocks your vision, or leads to an astigmatism (an abnormal curving of the cornea). Surgery is usually a last resort, and it is rarely required because most chalazia clear up with a combination of medication and home chalazion remedies.

Long-Term Expectations

Most chalazia heal by themselves, either with no treatment or simple home care. In very rare cases, the suspected chalazion is caused by skin cancer, so your doctor may take a biopsy if the lump continues to grow or does not go away with treatment. This is why you should see a doctor to be diagnosed before assuming the lump is a chalazion.  Antibiotics must be used in case it is a stye – which is infectious.

Preventing a Chalazion

It is not always possible to avoid getting a chalazion, especially if you are prone to this type of eye problem. However, you can reduce your chances of getting one by keeping dirt off your eyelids, which means keeping your face and hands clean. If you get chalazia often, you can use baby shampoo on your eyelids to keep the area clean without irritating your eyes. You can also put a warm compress on your eyelids for a few minutes each night before bed. This makes your oil glands less likely to become blocked, which may reduce your chances of getting a chalazion. If you know you have dry eyes and blepharitis, then TheraLife Starter Kit is the perfect solution for you.

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