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Menopause Dry Eyes Testimonials


I am astounded at how quickly this product helped my eyes. After taking only three doses, the pain in my eye was gone. Bless you. Bless you.

*Note: Results may vary.*


Noticed A Huge Difference

I was suffering from hormonally-related dry eye symptoms, exacerbated by a powerful air-conditioning/heating system in my office. I tried every kind of drop on the market to no avail and was considering getting a prescription. Then I heard about TheraLife and decided to give it a try. I noticed a huge difference within a couple of days, and 6 months later I had virtually no symptoms at all. I’ve been taking TheraLife regularly for a few years now and my eyes feel great! I truly can’t recommend this product highly enough.

*Note: Results may vary.*

Julie S.

Energized and Happy Again

I am a 64 year old female engineer. I use the computer daily. I had dry eyes for more than 20 years. It had not bothered me too much until last spring. One morning while driving to work, I felt a sudden sharp pain in my right eye. It was like someone stabbed my eye with a knife. Since then my eyes were constantly tearing and burning. I visited four eye doctors. They examined my eyes and concluded that I had severe eye inflammation (Blepharitis) due to dry eye and allergy. They prescribed expensive eye drops like Pataday and eye gels. The medications did not help much, they just gave me temporary relief of the symptoms. I was afraid of sunlight and had a hard time driving even with double sun glasses. It bothered me so much that I considered retiring from my job. One day my son called me and told me that his co-worker had similar problems and that he claimed Theralife Eye supplement saved his life. My son sent me two bottles of Theralife Eye supplement as Christmas gift. I followed Dr. Yang’s instructions, and after about a month I started to feel my own tear film come back and started to have more tolerance toward sunlight. The tearing and burning sensation gradually faded away. I consulted with Dr. Yang from time to time. She recommended I take Theralife women’s menopausal support formula to ease my dry mouth and heart palpitation problem. She encouraged me to exercise and cut back on caffeine intake. Now I feel energized and happy again. Thank you, Dr. Yang!

*Note: Results may vary.*


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