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Sjogren’s Statistics

The vast majority of people with Sjogren’s syndrome are women, and it generally appears in their 40s. The female-to-male ratio of Sjogren’s syndrome is 9:1. Sjogren’s syndrome can affect individuals of any age but is most common in elderly people

Sjogren’s syndrome can affect all age groups, and it can occur in all races.

You may be at higher risk of developing Sjogren’s syndrome if other members of your family had this condition.

There is no way to prevent Sjogren’s syndrome or reduce your risk of developing the condition.

Lymphoma in Sjogren’s Syndrome

People with Sjogren’s syndrome have a higher rate of non-Hodgkin lymphoma compared to both patients with other autoimmune diseases and healthy people. About 5% of patients with Sjogren’s syndrome will develop some form of lymphoid malignancy. Patients with severe cases are much more likely to develop lymphomas than patients with mild or moderate cases. The most common lymphomas are salivary B cell lymphomas and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.

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