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Uveitis Dry Eyes Testimonial

Uveitis – Recovery using TheraLife.

I searched the Internet for answers, googled Uveitis, and finally found Theralife. I called the number and spoke to Dr. Yang, who started asking me pointed and intelligent questions about my eye condition.

She told me about Theralife Eye and said that it would lower the inflammation and handle my dry eye, which was contributing to the condition. She told me that others who used this product don’t use eye drops anymore. I found that hard to believe, but it gave me hope that I might be able to handle my eyes naturally.

Dr. Yang gave me an exact dosage to start at, made sure that I was taking 4,000 mg of Fish Oil per day, and also spent time going over other actions I could do to handle the inflammation (taking bio-available curcumin, exercise, sleep, drinking water, etc.). She told me that I had to be patient and it would take some time, but I could start seeing results at about 2 weeks, but that it would take 3 months to fully stabilize out.

I started taking Theralife while I was on the 2 week dosage of steroids and within several days I started to notice my eyes weren’t as dry and irritated. By the time 2 weeks had passed, my eyes were so much better I couldn’t believe it. I could see clearly through my reading glasses again (I thought they would never go back to normal and I needed a new, much stronger prescription). After 4 weeks, the never ending cobwebs I was seeing in front of my eyes had dissipated by about 80%, and one day I noticed cobwebs and realized I hadn’t noticed them for quite a while. My eyes were less and less irritated and by about 6 weeks I got to the point where I only felt I needed to use drops one time a week or so.  About 6 weeks into taking Theralife I stopped using nightly gel drops in my eyes to moisten them – I didn’t need them.

About 8 weeks into the program, my eyes started feeling dry and irritated again – not as much as they had been originally, but there was an increase in dryness due to the climate where I am being extremely dry in the winter. As Dr. Yang stays in touch with you (I speak to her every 2 weeks, brief her on how my eyes are doing and she advises me on Theralife dosage as I’m going through the program) I told her what was going on and she advised me to increase the amount of Theralife capsules I was taking to handle this irritation. I immediately increased the Theralife and within 2 days I notice a big difference. The irritation subsided.

I’m now 10 weeks into taking Theralife and my eyes feel almost normal. I’ve been off steroids now (with the exception of one drop every 10 days or so as part of tapering off of them) for several weeks. No inflammation as of right now, maybe a rare cobweb here or there, I don’t feel the need to take any drops or eye gel at night, and after months of feeling like I am managing Uveitis, this last week I’ve had days where I felt no signs of Uveitis and my eyes felt practically normal. The only reason I say “practically”, is because prior to Uveitis my “normal” eyes was watery a lot in the morning when I would go outside and generally felt dry and irritated – though not inflamed. Now, my eyes feel a bit moist during the day, but they don’t run, they aren’t irritated, there is no distortion, and the blurriness is so, so slight that I hardly notice it unless I’m spending hours at a computer (which is rough on the eyes no matter what condition you’re in).

I have found Theralife Eye to be truly miraculous and I’m not even at the point where it’s stabilized out yet. I look forward to being able to drop the dosage to a maintenance level, but no matter what I feel positive that I have found an answer to this chronic problem and for that I am extremely grateful.

Thank you, Dr. Yang, for your care – and for believing in the ability to heal inflammation without drugs. I highly recommend Theralife Eye to anyone with dry eye or any eye condition or inflammation. It does work and I have found the results to be truly amazing. Even though I had been following other protocols to handle inflammation in the body.  Without Theralife my eyes were still prone to flare ups. With Theralife, my eyes are becoming healthy again. Quite miraculous.

Denise F, United States

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