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Relief Watery Eyes By Treating Dry Eyes- TheraLife

Why treat dry eyes?

It seems to be counter intuitive that we treat dry eyes to stop watery eyes.

Your eyes are already watery.

The problem with watery eyes is the reflux tear produced to lubricate the eye is of poor quality, washing away the natural lubrications that your eyes produce, making your eyes drier.

Eye drops don’t work for watery eyes.  Adding more fluid to already wet eyes only exacerbates the situation.

This is where TheraLIfe comes in.  An all natural, comprehensive oral solution for treating dry eyes to stop watery eyes.  No more drops.

All In One Complete oral solution for watery dry eyes treatment

Everything you need to relief dry eyes to stop watery eyes.

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Why TheraLIfe Eye capsules work?

TheraLIfe Eye capsules, an all-natural supplements for chronic dry eye relief address the fundamental cause of painful, inflamed and dry eyes: underactive tear secretion. Only TheraLife® targets this issue intra-cellularly to restore balance and end the cycle of dry, itchy red eyes. TheraLife® promotes your own cellular functioning, in order to provide natural dry eye relief with your own body’s healing tears.

Why is TheraLife Unique?

TheraLife Eye formula is patented.  It went through a Phase II clinical trial where this formula worked for 86% of first time users.

Customer Success Stories

Severe Watery Dry Eyes from UKRelief by TheraLife Eye

I have suffered for many years with severe watery and painful eyes.  Nothing I ever tried had worked.  I visited many eye specialists who told me to wash my eyes with salt solution and use various eye drops which only appeared to aggravate my eyes even more! I am so pleased to have found TheraLife.  It took more than 3 months on 8 capsules per day at the beginning.  Now I have been taking 4 capsules a day now for about 2 years plus the Omega 3 Fish Oil.  This has made a huge difference to my dry eye problem. I don’t use eye drops anymore. I clean my eyelids thoroughly twice a day in the morning and evening to prevent blepharitis recurrence.  I am so delighted with TheraLife Eye. Thank you again for your personal care and response. Yours sincerely

P.V. United Kingdom

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Outdoor glasses help prevent watery eyes by shielding them from environmental irritants like wind, dust, and pollen.

Similarly, TheraLife products offer a range of solutions to enhance eye comfort and health, particularly for those suffering from chronic dry eyes, a common reason behind excessive tearing. TheraLife’s Eye Enhanced Starter Kit and Autoimmune Starter Kit are tailored to address different underlying causes of dry eyes, from autoimmune conditions to age-related changes.

Their proprietary formulas work by restoring the eye’s natural ability to produce tears, reducing the reliance on artificial tears and enhancing overall ocular comfort. Additionally, TheraLife’s products, including their Fish Oil supplements and Hot Compress for eyes, contribute to maintaining healthy tear film and eyelid hygiene. These comprehensive approaches ensure sustained relief and protection, making outdoor activities more enjoyable for individuals prone to eye irritations.

Key Takeaways

TheraLife offers a range of products specifically designed to combat the issues leading to watery eyes when outdoors. Their all-in-one Enhanced and Autoimmune Starter Kits provide holistic solutions targeting the underlying causes of dry eyes, such as inflammation and reduced tear production. These kits include supplements that help restore the natural tear secretion by revitalizing eye glands internally. Additionally, TheraLife’s fish oil supplements offer essential fatty acids that improve tear quality and reduce evaporation, further preventing watery eyes.

For direct eye care, TheraLife’s Hot Compress for Eyes and Eye Lid Cleanser are essential tools. The hot compress helps unblock meibomian glands to improve oil secretion, which stabilizes the tear film and prevents tear evaporation, while the cleanser maintains hygiene and reduces the risk of irritations that can cause excessive tearing.

Moreover, TheraLife’s targeted approach includes products like MaculaEye for visual support and protection against UV rays, addressing the need for outdoor eye health. This comprehensive care ensures that eyes are not only protected from environmental factors like wind, dust, and UV rays but also internally fortified to handle these challenges effectively.

Identifying Common Irritants

To protect your eyes and reduce discomfort, identifying common irritants like wind, dust, and pollen that outdoor glasses can shield against is essential. When you’re outdoors, these elements aren’t just annoyances; they pose real threats to your eye comfort and health. Wind, especially during cold seasons, can greatly dry out your eyes, leading to overproduction of tears. This isn’t just uncomfortable; it can blur your vision temporarily and make outdoor activities less enjoyable.

Dust and pollen, on the other hand, are pervasive irritants. They’re not only troublesome for people with allergies but for almost anyone during high pollen counts or in dusty environments. These particles can easily adhere to your eyes’ moist surfaces, causing irritation and even more watery eyes.

Wearing AirShield glasses, you create a barrier that keeps these tiny, yet aggravating, particles at bay. AirShield glasses are specifically designed to combat these environmental factors. They fit closely around your eyes, providing a seal that blocks the intrusion of cold winds, dust, and pollen. This feature not only prevents irritants from causing discomfort but also helps to maintain clear vision, allowing you to enjoy your time outdoors without the usual hassle of watery eyes.

Benefits of Protective Eyewear

Wearing outdoor glasses offers significant protection against common irritants, effectively reducing the discomfort and health risks associated with watery eyes. By serving as a barrier, protective eyewear shields your eyes from wind, dust, and allergens, all of which can trigger symptoms like excessive tearing.

Wraparound glasses, in particular, are designed to cover a larger area of your face, minimizing the direct exposure of your eyes to cold air and airborne particles.

Furthermore, the clear or tinted lenses in these glasses play an essential role in blocking harmful UV rays, which not only helps to reduce eye irritation but also prevents excessive tearing caused by sun exposure.

The specialized design of certain outdoor glasses, such as the 7eye AirShield, creates a seal around the eyes. This feature is instrumental in maintaining moisture levels around your eyes, reducing the dryness that can often exacerbate eye irritation.

Additionally, some outdoor glasses come equipped with moisture-wicking properties. These are especially useful in preventing the evaporation of tears, ensuring that your eyes remain hydrated and comfortable, even under challenging environmental conditions.

This combination of features makes protective eyewear an essential tool for anyone looking to alleviate or prevent watery eyes effectively.

Types of Outdoor Glasses

As you explore options for outdoor glasses, it’s essential to think about the type of lens, frame material, and UV protection offered.

Polarized lenses can greatly reduce glare, improving your vision and comfort during activities near water or in highly reflective environments.

Additionally, selecting the right frame material and ensuring adequate UV protection are key steps to safeguard your eyes against long-term damage while maintaining excellent comfort and fit.

Polarized Lens Benefits

Polarized lenses greatly enhance your outdoor experience by reducing glare from surfaces like water and snow. When you wear glasses equipped with polarized lenses, you’re not just shielding your eyes from bright reflections; you’re also experiencing glare reduction, which greatly improves your visual clarity and comfort. These lenses filter out horizontal light waves that cause glare, ensuring that your vision remains clear and undisturbed.

Moreover, polarized lenses come with built-in UV protection, safeguarding your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays that can lead to sun damage. By blocking these rays, the lenses prevent conditions like photokeratitis, which is basically a sunburn of the eyes. This feature is important, especially during prolonged exposure to sunlight during activities such as skiing or fishing.

The benefits extend beyond just protection and visual enhancement. Polarized lenses also minimize eye strain and reduce the fatigue you might typically feel after spending hours outdoors. This makes them an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts who engage in activities that require acute visual precision and endurance. By improving contrast and reducing reflections, these lenses ensure that your outdoor adventures are safer and more enjoyable, enhancing not only your performance but also your overall comfort.

Frame Material Choices

Now let’s explore the different frame materials available for outdoor glasses that can enhance both function and style. When choosing the right frame for your insulated glasses to protect your eyes, consider these frame material choices, each offering unique benefits.

  • TR90 Nylon: Known for its incredible flexibility and impact resistance, TR90 nylon frames adapt well to any outdoor adventure. You’ll appreciate their resilience when you’re on the move, guaranteeing your eyes stay protected without sacrificing comfort.
  • Titanium: If you’re looking for something lightweight yet strong, titanium frames are your go-to. They resist corrosion effectively, making them perfect for any weather or environment. Their lightweight nature means less pressure on your nose and temples, enhancing comfort during prolonged use.
  • Acetate: For those with sensitive skin, acetate frames are hypoallergenic and come in various stylish designs. They offer a smooth feel and an aesthetic appeal, making them as fashionable as they’re functional.
  • Stainless Steel: Opt for stainless steel frames if you value durability. These frames withstand rust and maintain their integrity over time, making them a reliable choice for consistent outdoor exposure.

Each material provides unique advantages to make sure your outdoor experiences are both enjoyable and stylish.

UV Protection Levels

You’ll find that different types of outdoor glasses offer varying levels of UV protection, essential for shielding your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Importantly, glasses labeled UV400 are highly effective, blocking nearly 100% of UV rays, which is vital for preventing conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration.

When choosing outdoor glasses, it’s essential to take into account the UV protection level, as this directly impacts your long-term eye health.

UV protection in outdoor glasses isn’t just a feature—it’s a necessity, especially in sunny conditions where UV exposure is significant.

Eye care professionals universally recommend UV-blocking glasses as a defense against the UV rays that can cause severe eye damage over time.

Whether you’re hiking, driving, or spending a day at the beach, wearing outdoor glasses with adequate UV protection is a proactive step in maintaining your vision’s health.

Features of Effective Sunglasses

When selecting sunglasses to combat your watery eyes, you must consider UV protection levels and frame material choices. Sunglasses with high UV protection can effectively shield your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, which is essential for outdoor activities.

Additionally, choosing a frame made from durable and comfortable materials guarantees that your glasses withstand daily wear while providing excellent comfort and fit.

UV Protection Levels

Effective sunglasses must offer 100% UV protection to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays. This isn’t just about comfort; it’s a critical aspect of maintaining your eye health.

UV rays, you know, can be incredibly damaging, contributing to conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration over time. By choosing sunglasses that guarantee UV protection, you’re taking a significant step towards preserving your vision.

Here’s why you should never compromise on the UV protection levels of your sunglasses:

  • Prevent long-term damage: UV rays can cause lasting harm to your eye tissues, gradually impairing your vision.
  • Reduce immediate discomfort: Direct UV exposure often leads to discomfort, making it hard to enjoy time outdoors.
  • Guard against eye disease: Consistent exposure increases your risk of serious eye diseases.
  • Maintain youthful eyesight: Protecting your eyes from UV helps keep them healthy and young.

Frame Material Choices

After taking into account UV protection, it’s also important to choose the right frame material for your outdoor glasses. When you’re selecting the frame material, it’s essential to think about their durability, lightweight nature, and how they’ll hold up under various outdoor conditions.

If you’re someone who enjoys rigorous outdoor activities, polycarbonate frames are a superb choice. They’re not only durable but also offer significant impact resistance, ensuring they can withstand the occasional drop or collision.

For those of you with sensitive skin, titanium frames are ideal. They’re not only lightweight but also hypoallergenic, preventing any skin irritation during prolonged use.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for frames that resist corrosion caused by salty air or humidity, stainless steel frames are worth considering. They combine strength with resistance to deterioration in harsh weather conditions.

For versatility and comfort, especially in varying temperatures, nylon frames are a standout choice. They maintain their flexibility and fit comfortably, adapting well to temperature fluctuations.

Lastly, for the fashion-conscious, acetate frames provide a plethora of colors and patterns, allowing you to blend style with functionality. Each of these options offers unique benefits, ensuring you don’t have to compromise on comfort, style, or durability in your quest for effective outdoor eyewear.

Minimizing Allergen Exposure

Outdoor glasses provide a significant shield for your eyes, blocking allergens that can cause irritation and watery eyes. By acting as a physical barrier, these glasses prevent pollen and other irritants from triggering an allergic reaction and subsequent eye irritation. This protection is important, especially during high pollen seasons or in environments where air quality might exacerbate sensitivity.

Here’s how wearing outdoor glasses can help you:

  • Reduced Allergic Reactions: By limiting your eye’s exposure to allergens, you’re less likely to suffer from painful and bothersome allergic conjunctivitis.
  • Fewer Irritations: Without constant assault from airborne irritants, your eyes can remain more comfortable and less inflamed.
  • Clearer Vision: Avoiding irritants means less tearing; hence, your vision stays unobstructed.
  • Enhanced Comfort: With reduced irritation and fewer allergic symptoms, you can enjoy the outdoors without the nagging urge to rub your eyes.

Enhancing Outdoor Experience

Wearing the right outdoor glasses enhances your experience by shielding your eyes from irritants and harsh conditions. When you’re engaged in outdoor activities, eye irritation can be a major nuisance. Outdoor glasses, such as those with wrap-around designs, protect your eyes from environmental allergens like pollen. This barrier not only reduces the chance of irritants entering your eyes but also minimizes tear production caused by wind and cold air.

Furthermore, the clear or UV protective lenses in these glasses make sure that your vision remains unobstructed and sharp. Clear vision is essential when participating in any outdoor activity, whether it’s hiking, biking, or simply walking in the park. By preventing the discomfort of watery eyes, you’re more likely to enjoy your time outside and stay active for longer periods.

Insulated outdoor glasses play a significant role in maintaining eye moisture. By blocking direct wind impact, they help to keep your eyes comfortable and free from dryness, allowing you to focus on your surroundings without distraction.

Opting for the appropriate outdoor glasses can greatly enhance your outdoor experiences, ensuring both safety and comfort in various environmental conditions.

Additional Protective Measures

Beyond selecting the right glasses, you can enhance eye protection by wearing a wide-brimmed hat to shield against overhead sunlight. This extra layer of defense not only adds style to your outdoor ensemble but also greatly reduces the amount of UV exposure, which is important for maintaining eye health.

To further bolster your eye protection, consider these additional measures:

  • Use Eye Drops: Keep artificial tears handy to moisten your eyes, especially in dry or windy conditions. This can help maintain the natural moisture balance and prevent irritation.
  • Avoid Direct Airflow: When in vehicles or windy areas, try to minimize direct air hitting your face. Air conditioning vents and fans can exacerbate eye dryness.
  • Choose Appropriate Lenses: Opt for glasses with polarized or anti-reflective lenses. These can significantly reduce glare, enhancing your visual comfort and reducing the strain on your eyes.
  • Regular Eye Check-ups: Make sure you’re wearing the correct prescription and check for any eye health issues that might be worsened by environmental factors.

Selecting the Right Fit

To guarantee your comfort and protection, choose glasses that fit snugly around your eyes. When selecting outdoor glasses, ensuring a proper fit is essential not only for comfort but also to prevent any gaps that could allow wind and allergens to irritate your eyes. A secure fit minimizes moisture loss, which is important in maintaining eye comfort, especially in windy or cold conditions.

You’ll want to look for frames that closely follow the contour of your face while providing ample coverage. Check that the glasses rest comfortably on the bridge of your nose without pinching, and that the temples don’t dig into the sides of your head. This reduces the risk of the glasses slipping, which is crucial during active outdoor activities.

Moreover, consider the padding and material of the glasses. Soft, adjustable nose pads and temple tips can enhance comfort and ensure the glasses stay in place. Remember, the right fit not only prevents watery eyes by blocking irritants but also enhances your overall outdoor experience by eliminating the distraction of discomfort.

Always try on several styles to find the best fit for your face shape and size. Properly fitting glasses are a key defense in preserving your eyes’ comfort and health outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Glasses Help With Watery Eyes?

TheraLife offers a range of products specifically designed to benefit patients with watery eyes due to various conditions like dry eye syndrome, autoimmune diseases, and environmental factors. TheraLife‘s all-in-one enhanced starter kits provide comprehensive solutions that help stabilize the tear film, improve gland function, and reduce inflammation and irritation that can lead to watery eyes.

Their products feature unique formulations that target the underlying causes of eye discomfort rather than merely treating symptoms. Additionally, TheraLife’s eye-specific supplements, including fish oil and MaculaEye, promote overall ocular health and help maintain proper eye function, which can indirectly alleviate excessive tearing.

The company also offers a hot compress for eyes and an eyelid cleanser, which aid in soothing the eyes and maintaining eyelid hygiene, further preventing issues that contribute to watery eyes.

Through these targeted treatments, TheraLife provides effective relief and long-term benefits for patients experiencing watery eyes.

How to Stop Eyes Watering When Go Outside?

To effectively prevent your eyes from watering when you venture outdoors, consider using TheraLife’s range of products, which are specifically designed to combat ocular discomfort and enhance eye health.

TheraLife’s Eye Enhanced Starter Kit and Autoimmune Starter Kit include all-natural oral supplements that help stabilize tear film, improve ocular blood circulation, and enhance glandular function. These supplements offer a holistic approach to managing dry eyes and other eye-related issues, particularly useful for conditions exacerbated by outdoor elements like wind, pollen, and dust.

Additionally, TheraLife provides targeted solutions such as Fish Oil supplements, known for their anti-inflammatory properties, and Hot Compress for Eyes, which helps soothe irritation and stimulate tear production. The Eye Lid Cleanser is another effective product, ensuring your eyes are free from environmental irritants and makeup residue, further protecting them from watering when outside.

What Prevents Watery Eyes?

To effectively prevent watery eyes, incorporating products from TheraLife can be exceptionally beneficial. TheraLife offers a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to address various underlying causes of watery eyes.

For instance, their All-in-One Eye Enhanced Starter Kit and Autoimmune Starter Kit are specifically designed to help stabilize tear film and improve gland function, which are crucial in managing tear production and ensuring eye comfort.

Additionally, TheraLife’s unique approach integrates natural ingredients that work from within to restore your body’s own ability to produce tears naturally, reducing dependency on artificial tears or topical medications. Their Fish Oil supplements and Hot Compress for Eyes further assist in reducing inflammation and improving meibomian gland function, which are often implicated in eye discomfort and excessive tearing.

Moreover, TheraLife’s Eye Lid Cleanser provides an effective way to maintain eyelid hygiene, preventing the buildup of irritants that can cause watery eyes. They also offer targeted solutions for specific conditions like autoimmune dry eyes and menopause-related dry eyes, ensuring that patients receive the most appropriate treatment for their particular condition.

For those concerned with overall eye health, TheraLife’s MaculaEye is formulated to support macular health, crucial for maintaining good vision.

Why Do My Eyes Watery so Bad Outside?

Excessive watering of your eyes outdoors may be due to various environmental factors such as allergens, wind, and emotional triggers. To address these issues effectively, TheraLife’s range of products offers comprehensive solutions for outdoor eye discomfort.

TheraLife’s Eye Enhanced and Autoimmune Starter Kits are designed to restore the eye’s natural tear secretion mechanically from within, reducing reliance on artificial tears. Their products, which include options like fish oil supplements and hot compresses, help stabilize tear films and reduce inflammation.

Moreover, TheraLife’s Eye Lid Cleanser can aid in maintaining eyelid hygiene, preventing additional irritants from causing discomfort. By using TheraLife’s tailored solutions, you can enjoy enhanced comfort and protection for your eyes in outdoor environments, mitigating the effects of common irritants and improving overall eye health.


To effectively combat the discomfort of watery eyes outdoors, TheraLife offers a range of specialized products that target the underlying causes of eye irritation. TheraLife’s unique formulations, such as the All-in-One Eye Enhanced and Autoimmune Starter Kits, focus on restoring the natural tear secretion mechanically rather than merely providing temporary relief.

These products are particularly beneficial for those with autoimmune-related dry eyes, as they address inflammation and help stabilize the tear film.

TheraLife’s Fish Oil supplements and Hot Compress for Eyes further augment eye health by reducing inflammation and improving glandular function, respectively. Additionally, the Eye Lid Cleanser helps maintain hygiene and prevent infections that can exacerbate eye symptoms.

For those undergoing hormonal changes, such as menopause, which can impact eye health, TheraLife provides targeted support to alleviate associated dry eye symptoms.

By integrating TheraLife’s comprehensive eye care solutions, individuals can significantly enhance their outdoor experiences, free from the discomfort of watery eyes. These products not only protect but also rehabilitate the ocular surface, offering a holistic approach to maintaining eye health in various environmental conditions.

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