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Hot Compress for Eyes

Woman experiencing relief with TheraLife's warm compress for eyes

Price $29.80

Our hot/warm compress for eyes helps to provide relief from chronic dry eyes. Use it for night time dry eyes to keep your eye lids closed during sleep. The hot dry eye compress is made of Elastogel for lasting heat retention and easy cleaning. Just pop it in the microwave for warm relief – or cool it in the freezer for a cold compress. We recommend you use it warm daily in addition to taking TheraLife® Eye or TheraLife® Eye Autoimmune capsules. Use of a hot compress once or more per day is important for those suffering from crusty dry eyes, sticky eyes, runny or watery eyes, or just plain dry and irritated eyes. The warmth of the compress helps thin out thick eye fluids that may be clogging the eye glands. This gives relief for those suffering blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunction.


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