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Compare TheraLife Eye with Competitors’ Products

TheraLife Eye Enhanced

  • Capsules are taken only 1 or 2 times per day
  • Restores normal cell functions to tear secretion glands
  • Contains no preservatives
  • Contains all natural ingredients
  • Your eyes’ own natural, salt-based tears provide relief
  • Convenient capsules
  • Suitable for long term daily use
  • No environmentally damaging disposables
  • Provides natural allergy relief
  • Clinically Proven – Clinical Trial Phase II
  • Fully patent protected
  • A long term solution for chronic dry eye syndrome

Artificial Tears

  • Require frequent use, as often as every 10 minutes
  • Lubricants and thickening agents prevent tear evaporation
  • Often contain preservatives
  • Contain artificial chemicals
  • Use chemicals to mimic natural tears
  • Inconvenient liquid drops, can ruin cosmetics and stain clothing
  • Frequent use leads to decreased tear production
  • Many have single-use dispensers, creating excess waste
  • Anti-histamines may increase dry eye symptoms
  • No clinical trial data available
  • Rarely patent protected
  • Not suitable for long term use

TheraLife Eye Enhanced

  • Ingredients stimulate tear secretion glands from within cells
  • Leads to more tears and more appropriate tear thickness
  • Contain anti-inflammatory agents and anti-oxidants to protect eye tissue from damage caused by harmful free radicals
  • Contains only the highest quality, all natural ingredients
  • Phase II clinical trial data available

Eye Nutrition Products

  • Thicken tears through the ingestion of oily substances
  • Only thickens tears, does not increase amount of tears
  • Contain anti-inflammatory agents but no anti-oxidants, which are needed to protect eye tissue from harmful free radicals
  • Contain purified or synthetic components
  • No clinical trial data available

TheraLife Eye Enhanced

  • Stimulates normal cell function & restores tear gland health
  • Normal eye drainage is left intact, while balanced tear production is promoted for better overall eye health
  • Patients do not experience chemical or material sensitivity issues
  • Maintains normal tear secretion with long term use
  • No doctor office visit required

Punctal Plugs

  • Prevent tears from draining naturally through the tear ducts
  • Blocks tear ducts and therefore may cause eyes to have difficulty clearing debris and washing out harmful bacteria
  • Some patients develop sensitivity to plug materials
  • Long term use may cause eye infection
  • Surgically inserted at a doctor’s office

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