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Get Dry Eye Relief from Dry, burning or strained eyes affect almost 5 million Americans yearly according to the American Association of Ophthalmology.  Dry eyes are caused when the ducts within the eyelids dry up and are unable to produce tears.

During the winter, dry eye problems are even more prevalent.  Cold, dry air and indoor heating are one of the main reasons for winter dry eyes.

Problems with Dry Eyes

Vision problems can be directly related to dry eyes and in some severe cases, the eye ball itself can be damaged.  Menopausal women and those above 50 are at a higher risk of developing problems from dry eyes.

Symptoms of Dry Eyes

Noticeable and unfortunate, recognizing the symptoms of dry eyes is highly important.  Some signs that you may be suffering from dry eyes include:

  • Dry or itchy eyes
  • Foreign body sensations
  • Redness and fatigue in the eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Light sensitivity

Dry Eye Relief: Prevention

If caught early, there are some ways to prevent dry eyes.  Some of these handy tips include:

Wear protective eyewear from cold wind and excess light
Wraparound frames shield the eyes from sun and wind, especially when participating in outdoor sports like skiing.  For indoor protection, moisture chamber glasses and goggles trap the moisture around the eye area.

Use artificial tears no more than four times per day
Use of artificial tears make your eyes drier. It does offer relief in mild dry eye cases.  Avoid medicated eye drops that takes the red out which shrink the eye’s blood vessels. They will make your eyes even more red.

Use a humidifier to add moisture to the air
Placing a humidifier close to a desk at work or in a corner of the home adds needed moisture to dry air.  The more moisture in the air, the better the eyes will remain fluid and moist.

Add Omega-3 fatty acids and fish oil to daily diet
Healthy fats found in fish such as salmon, herring, or sardines improve tear quality and decrease the inflammation in dry eyes.  Other healthy sources include walnuts, soybeans, flaxseed, and canola oil.

Avoid drinking alcohol
Drinking alcohol can not only leave the mouth parched, but can dry out the eyes too.  Keeping alcohol drinking to a minimum is better for the eyes.

Avoid cigarette smoke
Notorious for causing dry eyes, smoking either by direct contact or second hand smoke, keeps the eyes constantly dry.  The best solution is to quit smoking altogether.

Take breaks from the computer or extended reading
Working for long hours at the computer can wreak havoc on eyes.  Blinking is nature’s way of moving tears across the eyes.  People don’t blink as often when staring at a computer screen.  When working for an extended period of time, blinking frequently or looking away often from the screen or book can help with dry eyes.

Change current brand of contacts or switch to glasses
Taking out contact lenses at the end of the day and wearing glasses are like taking off your shoes—it’s not only good for you, but feels good too.  Extended wearing of contact lenses can irritate the eyes and certain brands or types of contacts have been known to cause certain people problems with dry eyes.

Use an all natural product like TheraLife®
Going right to the source of the problem, TheraLife®’s natural dry eye relief products address the fundamental cause of chronic dry eyes: underactive tear secretion. By addressing the issue of dry eyes by promoting the production of the body’s own healing tears, TheraLife® ends the reliance on eye drops.  End your reliance on eye drops that don’t heal the tear duct, but merely mask the problem.  Try TheraLife® today for relief of your chronic dry eyes.

Dry eyes are a common occurrence with computer users, people with LASIK surgery, and with the aging population.  With a little care, preventing and dealing with dry eyes will go a long way in leading to healthy eyes.

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