Developing as a lump on the eyelid, a chalazion (chalazia= plural)  slowly grows from a blocked oil gland in the eyelid.  Generally, not caused by an infection, this blocked oil gland starts out simply as an area on the eyelid that is small, tender, red, and swollen.  After a few days, the pain recedes and the lump becomes the size of a pea.

Because of the location of the chalazia, it is often confused with a stye.  However, there are some major differences between chalazia and a stye.  First, a chalazion is not caused by a bacterial infection, whereas a stye forms from an infection of one or more oil glands of the eyelid.  When a stye forms, it appears on the inside or edge of the eyelid, while a chalazion is deeper from the surface.  However, a stye and chalazion both produce red, painful lumps on the eyelid, and a stye can actually cause a chalazion to form.

Characteristics of Chalazia

In order to be able to identify when you have a chalazion versus a stye, knowing the characteristics of a chalazion is necessary.  Some common characteristics of a chalazion include:

  • Located on the upper eyelid, a bump or lump that is painless
  • The meibomian glands of the eyelid develop a thick fluid
  • Irritation and tearing are caused from obstructed glands
  • Blurred vision
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Most common in adults aged 30-50

Chalazia Causes

There are several causes of the development of chalazia that include:

  • Rosacea associated with acne
  • Seborrhea – itchy red scalp.
  • Tuberculosis
  • Viral infection
  • Blepharitis – inflammation of the eye lids
  • Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) – clogged oil glands on your eye lids.

Blepharitis and MGD are the most common cause of a chalazion.  Since they both occur together, treatment for both is needed for a successful treatment.

Chalazion Treatment

TheraLife has a complete line of dry eye relief products for a wide variety of eye problems including an All-In-One Chalazion Starter Kit that includes everything you need for Chalazion, dry eyes, or crusty eyes (blepharitis) relief.  Chalazia sufferers benefit from the starter kit which includes the essential products to find relief for dry eyes.  Used together daily with an eyelid cleaning solution and hot compress, the All-In-One Chalazion Starter Kit includes everything needed to return the eyes to normal.

To find the fastest healing solution, TheraLife provides an eyelid cleaner for removal of dirt, debris, and irritants on the lids and lashes. This particular eye lid cleanser prevents bacteria or mites re-attaching to your eye lids. Using a hot compress can open any glands in the eye that have become blocked.  The Eye Enhanced oral supplement tablets bring balance and healing to the body from the inside.

When the eyes are dry and becomes inflamed, the glands that produce tears shut down and become blocked which results in dry eyes.  TheraLife Eye Enhanced helps to reduce inflammation to the meibomian glands to allow for the production of healthy levels of tears and essential oils that prevent dry eyes.

TheraLife Solutions

TheraLife Eye All-In-One Chalazion Starter Kit begins with the application of a hot compress several times a day for at least 10 minutes per session.  The warmth helps to soften the oils that have blocked the gland.  When the gland opens up, it is able to drain on its own.  Next, the Eyelid Cleanser helps to treat the chalazion by keeping the eye lids clean and to prevent any infection that can cause a stye.  Finally, the Eye Enhanced oral supplement tablet helps the body produce the necessary oils and lubricants that keep the eye moist and pain-free. To learn more, click here.

Long-Term Solutions

Some patients who do not find relief within a month undergo surgery to remove recurring chalazia. However, TheraLife Eye helps prevent any painful surgeries with an all-natural home treatment. Reduce the chances of developing a chalazion by keeping the eyelids clean and free of dirt with a gentle cleanser, applying a warm compress on the eyelids for a few minutes each night before bed, and taking TheraLife Eye Enhanced and Omega-3 Fish Oil.

The TheraLife All-In-One Chalazion Starter Kit contains everything needed to treat or prevent the development of a chalazion.  Taking care of your eyes is vitally important for good health and TheraLife has a complete line of products for complete eye health. From individual items to complete packages, find the perfect natural dry eye relief products with TheraLife.

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