clear beautiful eye healthAre your eyes especially dry throughout the day? Have you noticed a change in your eyesight that has come with age? The reality for seniors is that it is entirely common to experience trouble with the eyes and eyesight as time goes on. For most eye conditions, the probability of diagnosis increases at age 70 and even more at age 80. Eye health remains essential to keep in top shape.

As seniors, it can be difficult to motivate one’s self to do as much as possible for one’s health while staying calm and relaxed. With an eye condition, which can stem from other senior health issues like cardiovascular disease and diabetes, one’s mobility and overall well-being can be negatively affected, increasing levels of anxiety at the same time. So why not make it easy on yourself and do what you can to improve your eye health?

Risk Factors to Optimal Eye Health

Besides aging, which is the most important risk factor to eye health, there are numerous other factors for seniors that may cause dry eyes or a loss of vision, including:

  • Computer and video game usage – Spending time in front a screen decreases the production rate of tears and the rate of blinking–both important bodily functions that, if altered, will negatively affect the eyes.
  • Medications – Unfortunately, many medications seniors are required to take can also affect vision and eye dryness. Speak with your doctor if you find this to be true of a medication you take.
  • Disease – Certain diseases, especially autoimmune diseases like Sjogren’s or lupus, are said to cause issues with the eyes. Try treating your disease by eating raw fruits and vegetables and see if the symptoms are reduced.
  • Stress – Many seniors face the symptoms of stress due to a variety of changes in their habits and routines that come with age, and this can affect one’s overall eye health by altering the body’s normal functions.

If you find any of these risk factors affecting you and your eyes on a regular basis, you should seek alternative methods of medication, exercise, and diet to better maintain your optimal health.

Lifestyle Changes You Can Make to Promote Eye Health

Luckily, there are several easy changes seniors can make to help their eye health. Protecting the eyes from ultraviolet light by wearing sunglasses or brimmed hats is key to spending time outdoors. Making dietary changes, like eating more leafy greens, fruits, and raw foods is said to reduce the symptoms of most diseases and ailments, including dry eyes. Also, do not smoke. Studies in smoking and eye health show that the risk of developing cataracts is doubled if you smoke. Try also to incorporate a number of destressing techniques into your life to keep the body functioning at its best.

By keeping all of these positive changes in mind, we can do our part in maintaining our health in old age by learning habits that can help us to treat our eyes and to find more holistic ways to improve our vision.

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