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Do you have dry eye syndrome?

Almost everyone has experienced dry eye syndrome at least once. That dry, irritated feeling that lets a person know that the eyes are not moist and properly protected from dirt or bacteria. Usually, the symptoms go away on their own, but when dry eyes persist, this can lead to a life full of constant painful, itchy eyes. Left untreated, not only will symptoms get worse, but vision can be affected.

Causes of Dry Eye Syndrome

There are many varied reasons that dry eyes develop, including:

  • Age – As a person ages naturally, those who are over 65 will experience some of the symptoms of dry eyes
  • Gender – Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, menopause, or the use of oral contraceptives, dry eyes can develop in women
  • Medication – Particular medications, such as antihistamines, antidepressants, or even blood pressure medications can cause a reduction in tear quality and production
  • Medical Conditions – Certain medical problems such as arthritis, diabetes and thyroid issues can ultimately lead to dry eyes
  • Environment – Smoke, windy or dry air, or pollutants can increase the amount of evaporation of tears
  • Computers – Staring at a computer screen without blinking regularly can lead to dry eyes
  • Corrective Measures – LASIK surgery or contact lenses can cause eyes to dry out
  • Particular Eye Conditions – Inflammation, blepharitis, or a defect of the eyelids can also lead to dry eyes

Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome

How can a person identify and treat chronic dry eye syndrome? The symptoms can affect one or both eyes, and include:

  • Scratchy, stinging, or burning sensation in one or both eyes
  • Thick, stringy mucus around or in the eyes
  • Noticeable sensitivity to light
  • Eyes that stay red
  • A feeling that something is in one or both eyes
  • Contact lenses that are uncomfortable
  • Night driving difficulty
  • Watery eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Tired eyes

If any of these symptoms persist, see a doctor for a determination, and then visit TheraLife for a complete line of products that help relieve and even eliminate these symptoms.

Proper Diagnosis of Dry Eye Syndrome

Through a series of comprehensive eye examinations by a qualified doctor, the quality and quantity of tear production can be determined.  Some tests determine health problems, medications, or outside factors that may contribute to dry eyes, whereas other tests look at the external makeup and structures of the eyes.

Tear production and attributes are also tested.

When visiting a doctor, some tests that a patient might experience include:

  • Schirmer’s Test – Used to determine tear production, this test is commonly used to determine dry eye syndrome. If the eyes are producing too many or too few tears, this test can help determine the best treatment options.
  • Rose Bangel Stains – The damage to epithelial cells can be determined with a stain that is placed on the eye surface. Drops are placed in the eyes and after 3 to 5 minutes, a determination of tear shortage or absence can be made.
  • Tear Break-up Test – Measurement of fluorescein break-up time in the tears. This can also be determined using non-invasive measures such as use of a Keratometer, Keratoscope, or Tearscope.

Once a determination has been made to the reason for dry eyes, a proper treatment plan can be put in place.  TheraLife has many different products available to treat a wide variety of dry eye symptoms and causes.

Treatment with TheraLife

Although dry eyes can be temporarily treated with over-the-counter artificial tears, those who suffer with dry eye syndrome need long term relief.

TheraLife addresses the many different ways to successfully treat dry eye syndrome with their complete line of products.

As a leader in chronic dry eye relief, TheraLife addresses the source of the problem of dry eyes instead of masking the symptoms.  Underactive tear secretion is addressed from the inside out with natural products.

TheraLife provides a complete relief from dry eyes by helping the body produce its own tears, eliminating inflammation and dryness.

Clinically proven to work for 80% of first-time users, the natural TheraLife formula allows for the restoration and revitalization of tear secretion from the glands on a cellular level to allow the eyes to produce tears that are balanced and sustainable.

Stop suffering with constant dry, red, and irritated eyes.  Let TheraLife put you on the right path to dry eye relief.

dry eye syndrome

Tips to relief dry eyes now. Get help with TheraLife

Call and talk to Dr. Yang at 1-877-917-1989 US/Canada, international call (650) 949-6080.  Send email to [email protected]

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