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During winter, people wrap up in scarves, coats, and gloves. But they fail to protect their eyes. Hot air from heaters and the lowered humidity in the air can make dry eyes much worse. For people who already have dry eyes, read on what to do to relieve winter dry eyes.

What are dry eyes

Dry eyes are when there is a lack of tear production or tear that is too thin and evaporates quickly.

How to protect dry eyes during winter

The harsh wind and cold weather can wreak havoc on the eyes, causing painful, red, and dry eyes. When weather conditions are extreme, the body has difficulty keeping up tear production needed to keep the eyes moist. Some tips to keep the eyes moist during the winter months include:

  • Wear protective eye covering such as glasses or goggles, especially when the wind is strong or when doing winter sports like skiing or hockey.
  • Use a humidifier in whichever rooms you are in – to add moisture to the air to keep the eyes moist, especially at night. Adding humidity back into the atmosphere is also beneficial for the sinuses.
  • Take omega-3 fish oil, which will help reduce inflammation and provide lubrication, stimulate tear production.  
  • Take TheraLife capsules and follow the recommended protocol.  has a kit that contains four bottles of TheraLife Eye capsules, one bottle of molecularly distilled purified Fish Oil, one bottle of eyelid cleanser, and one gel hot compress—everything needed to fight winter dry eyes.
    All-In One Chronic Dry Eye Starter Kit

    Oral dry eye treatment when drops don’t work.



Excessive Tearing in winter dry eyes

Some people who suffer from winter dry eyes have excessive Tearing. Watery eyes can lead to soaring irritated eyes making dry eyes worse.

How to prevent winter dry eyes?

Some helpful tips for those suffering from excessive tears (watering eyes) are

  • Wear protective eyewear such as goggles or wrap-around sunglasses
  • Use a clean tissue to wipe away excess tears to prevent the spread of germs.
  • TheraLife Capsules can help restore balance to the eyes and fight the causes of excessive tear production during the winter.
  • Take 4000mg/day of Omega 3 Fish oil in addition to TheraLife Eye capsules to restore balanced tears and stop tear overproduction.

 To learn more, click here.

Why winter dry eyes are Red, Swollen, and Burning?

In cold weather, the blood vessels in the delicate tissues around the eyes can constrict and become red and swollen.  Eyelid spasms, blurry vision, and burning eyes can be a result of constricted blood vessels.  

How to prevent winter dry eyes?

Here are some ways to help prevent winter dry eyes include:

  • Wear wrap-around glasses when you go outside. These will help protect your eyes from drying wind (a common dry eye culprit) during the winter.
  • Avoid the use of hairdryers, especially when the dryer blows directly into your eyes. Allow your hair to air-dry instead.
  • Keep your home as cool as you can tolerate by reducing your heater usage.
  • Know too that if you get a cold, taking antihistamines can lead to dry eyes

o Examples of antihistamines you may use to treat colds include brompheniramine and chlorpheniramine. However, if you need these medications to treat your cold, you may need to use more TheraLife Eye capsules.

  • Use TheraLife Eye Capsules to increase the production of balanced tears.

Medication and winter dry eyes

Some medications can make it more likely that you’ll have dry eyes. If your symptoms are very severe in the winter, talk to your doctor about your medication list to see if there are potential alternatives.

What kind of medications result in dry eyes?

Examples of these medications include antidepressants, birth control pills, and medicines used to treat blood pressure. Never stop using these medications without a doctor’s permission.

Menopausal Dry Eyes

Menopause hormone imbalance is a significant cause of dry eyes in over 50 menopausal women. There is the hormone in tears. When hormone level starts to decrease, tear production also decreases, resulting in dry eyes. Dry eyes can happen to anyone at any age.  

How TheraLife can help prevent winter dry eyes

Relief for winter dry eye is available. 

TheraLife Eye can help solve the problem of winter dry eyes with an all-natural, effective capsule. TheraLife also has a natural supplement to help balance hormones – TheraLife Menopausal Support.  TheraLife has created an eye care system that allows you to make your own tears for dry eye relief.

Adding TheraLife to your daily regime can help with dry eye syndrome and can even help prevent the onset of dry eyes. TheraLife has an all-natural solution to help those who are suffering from dry winter eyes:

  • Eye Lid Cleanser—TheraLife highly recommends Avenova eyelid cleanser. Avenova is a natural product that cleans the eyelids to prevent inflammation. Avenova leaves behind a biofilm layer that prevents the re-attachment of bacteria or mitesKeeping the eyelid clean is the first step in preventing dry, irritated eyes.
  • Hot Compress—a hot compress can unclog the meibomian oil glands that may become clogged when the eye has a steady oil flow to reduce inflammation.  
  • TheraLife Eye Capsules—TheraLife has created a line of oral capsules that helps the eyes sustain tears in dry winter weather. To learn more, click here
  • 100 % Pure Omega 3 Fish Oil– molecularly distilled for purity.
What if you are already on TheraLife Eye capsules and your dry eyes worsened.

For those currently taking TheraLife, the onset of winter can shock the sensitive tissues of the eyes. Take two additional capsules and tear formation should come within 20 minutes, bringing relief to those dry, painful winter eyes.

Other Natural dry eye treatment methods


Other natural methods to find dry eye relief in the winter includes using humidifiers in the house. Placing a humidifier in the bedroom is best because this is where we spend a majority of our time during sleep, where dry eyes tend to be at their worst. Many people turn the heat down at night and snuggle under heavy blankets or quilts, but no protection for their eyes. Placing a humidifier in the room allows increased moisture levels to soothe eyes.

Drink more water

Another all-natural method for dry eye relief is to drink more water. Keeping the body well hydrated allows the body to produce tears with less effort.

Adding TheraLife Eye capsules helps the body produce vital tears to keep the eyes dry, red, and irritated.


Don’t continue to suffer from dry, red, irritated eyes this winter. Order any one of TheraLife’s Eye Care products and find relief for your eyes naturally. 

As with all TheraLife products, there is a 90-day money-back guarantee. Talk to a doctor- call toll-free 1-877-917-1989 US/Canada, International (650) 949-6080. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.                                                                                        

How to get help from TheraLIfe

Call toll-free 1-877-917-1989 in the US/Canada

Email to:


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