Healthy eyes contain a protective film of oil, water, and mucus that keeps the eyes moist.  This protective barrier keeps dirt and debris from irritating the eye. When one of the three important components of this mixture is missing, dry eyes can occur.  Autoimmune diseases can cause chronic dry eyes.

Sjogren Syndrome

Also known as Sjogren’s Disease, this chronic autoimmune disease presents when the white blood cells in the body attack glands that produce moisture—such as salivary and tear glands.  First discovered in 1933, this little known syndrome can affect up to 10 million adults worldwide.

Most of the patients who suffer from this disease are female, 9 out of 10.  Sjogren’s Syndrome can cause complications such as eye infections and is one of the most prevalent autoimmune disorders that cause severe chronic dry eyes that are difficult to treat.

Graft Versus Host Disease

Graft-Versus Host Disease (GVHD) is a side effect of cord blood, stem cell, or bone marrow transplant.  Rarely, blood transfusions can also cause GVHD.  Interestingly, almost half of the people who receive allogeneic (donor source) transplants end up developing GVHD.  The skin, mouth, stomach, eyes, and intestines are affected most.

Chronic dry eyes occurs in the eyes of up to 80% of patients who have chronic GVHD.  Symptoms include dry eyes, eye pain, conjunctivitis, light sensitivity, blurry vision, and foreign body sensation.

In order to treat GVHD, a patient must take antibiotics and steroid drugs.  Once this treatment has been established and is successful, a maintenance regime must be put in place.  TheraLife Eye Autoimmune helps to reduce inflammation of the eye and restores glandular tear secretion activity to give patients lasting relief.

Graves’ Disease

When abnormal immune systems cause the thyroid gland to respond with too much thyroid hormone, an autoimmune disorder called Graves’ disease occurs.  Women over age 20 are the most likely group to develop Graves’ Disease, but men may also be susceptible.

Treatments include surgery, antithyroid medicines, and radioactive iodine.

Graves’ Disease can go through several degrees of severity as well as a remission period.  Pain that occurs in the eyes when looking up, down, or sideways along with dry, itching eyes are common symptoms of Graves’ Disease.  Swelling that occurs in the eyes and surrounding tissues causes the eyes to have a bulging appearance.

The preferred treatment for Graves’ Disease is radioactive iodine treatment.  However, this treatment seems to worsen thyroid eye disease.  TheraLife autoimmune formula helps patients suffering from Graves’ Disease by restoring the tear thickness and volume in the eyes.

Ocular Rosacea

Rosacea occurs as a common, chronic, adult skin disease that is controllable with medications.  Ocular rosacea occurs in the eyes and can present before rosacea shows up on the skin.  The significant and pronounced effect of Ocular Rosacea is caused by a disorder of the meibomian gland and blepharitis.

Some common symptoms of Ocular Rosacea include a burning sensation in the eyes, the feeling that a foreign body is present, irritation, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, red eyes, tearing, and a build up of a sticky crusty substance on the eye lashes (Blepharitis) .

Left untreated, Ocular Rosacea can lead to cornea damage requiring a transplant.  After doctor treatment, use TheraLife Autoimmune plus Omega 3 Fish Oil for early intervention.  Containing strong anti-inflammatory ingredients that help regulate the immune system, TheraLife restores the abilityof the eyes to produce tears, and the Omega 3 fatty acids are shown to have anti-inflammatory properties plus a effective, gentle eye lid cleanser to get rid of blepharitis.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is an inflammatory disease that causes joint destruction, loss of function, and deformity.  Irreversible joint damage with a high degree of disability accompanies RA and affects twice as many women as men.  Although unknown, the causes of RA appear to be genetic and exposure to environmental agents.  Symptoms of RA increase with age and can be cause by medications or just the severity of the disease.

Rheumatoird arthritis is directly responsible to the contribution of sicca which increases ocular dryness.  Keratoconjuntivis sicca, or chronic dry eyes, is reported in up to 25% of patients who experience RA.  Symptoms are typical:  dry, itchy, watery eyes that appear red.  Corneal abrasions are also reported in RA sufferers.  Treatment consists of steroids and other immune modulation therapy. TheraLife Autoimmune, an all-natural dry eye remedy, helps to restore the tear production functions of the eyes that leads to long lasting relief.

Why TheraLife Eye Works

TheraLife Eye offers a variety of all-natural remedies to alleviate chronic dry eye syndrome. The TheraLife Eye Enhanced Starter Kit comes with everything you need for dry eye relief. If you suffer from autoimmune disease dry eyes, order TheraLife products today. Call and talk to a doctor toll ree 1-877-917-1989 US/Canada, International (650)949-6080. Send email inquiry to :

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