Watery Eyes Testimonials

I Can’t Believe It!

I’ve been taking TheraLife Eye Enhanced for 2 weeks, and I can’t believe it! My eyes feel so much better, I am less sensitive to sunlight, and the white stringy mucus coming out of my eye’s corner has almost stopped. Before taking TheraLife Eye, my eyes felt so uncomfortable, sandy, gritty and watery. These pills are worth every penny.

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I Am Amazed

I am a new user of the TheraLife Eye Starter Kit. I just received it in the mail today. I just am now on my second gel cap. I just washed my eyes out with COLD WATER, and I am amazed at the fact that my eyes are not trying to severely water up on the sides and then make all the rest of the eyes water up, as I have over producing tears (severe watery eyes) from Dry Eye. My eyes used to be so watery that they would water up and run down my face. Then I used to wash them out with luke warm water and luke warm water soaks, and I used to used prescription eye drops and Tetracycline Pills and warm water soaks, and my eyes were still so severely wet that I could not stand it. I have been having this condition for 4 years, and I have tried everything from Refresh Eye Drops to two different kinds of thick gels to put on the eyelashes and on the eye lids, and nothing worked up until I found Thera Life Eye products. If this product can get my eyes this good for only being on my second pillso far I am amazed at this. I can’t wait to see what my eyes will be like when I finish the starter kit. I will be a TheraLife user for as long as I need to use it. Oh, also I have found out with my over producing tears (severe watery eyes) from Dry Eye that it’s important to drink LOTS of water every day, and, if you can, to keep a bottle of water with you at all times and take sips from it every so often. I learned you should also eat lots of fruit and vegetables, especially leafy green vegetables, and take Fish Oil (use only pharmaceutical grade oil) and Flax Seed Oil (use only organic) and Evening Primrose Oil. I also got a humidifier. With the humidifier, keep it in the same room you are in, and if you leave a room and go to another room for a length of time take the humidifier with you. You will be amazed at how the humidifier, TheraLife eye products, Fish Oil, Flax Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, fruits and vegetables, and water will do for your Dry Eye condition. Oh, also, try to cut down on coffee and cold drinks (soda, pop) as these drinks lead to dehydration. I am going to start telling everyone about the amazing thing TheraLife Eye products has done for my eyes. I will also tell my doctor about this also. Oh, one other thing: take breaks from computer use as it will greatly help with dry eye. Thanks.

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L. M.

No Longer Using Eye Drops

I have had overproducing tears severe watery eyes for about 3 years. I have tried hot water soaks, antibiotics,and cream on both top and bottom eye lashes on both eyes over night while sleeping. The cream really helps my crusty eyes and soreness on the sides of my eyes, and I sometimes have to struggle with washing my eyes to remove the crusty build up. I tried Systane Eye Drops, warm compress, and some days just not getting any relief. I begin to wonder if anyone else out there with Dry Eye condition has overproduction of tears as severe as mine. I tried TheraLife Eye for two months, and the watery dry eye is almost normal. No longer using eye drops! Thanks so much.

*Note: Results may vary.*


A Stroke of Good Fortune

I can only say it was a stroke of good fortune to be told about your product. Finally I can live each day without itchy, red, watery eyes. I know when I need more, as my right eye starts to feel uncomfortable, as if there is grit in it, or I don’t focus as well. But as soon as I up my TheraLife Eye capsules (mostly 2 tablets/day), the discomfort dissipates and I’m fine. I actually first bought TheraLife to aid my dog and her dry eyes. It was only when a friend was visiting – and I complained how my eyes were always watering and itching, leading me to rub them so often – that she told me I had dry eyes. That seemed strange because my eyes are watery. I thought I would take the TheraLife Eye capsules which I was using for my dog, and wow…what a difference. I took TheraLife Eye initially at 8 capsules per day for 2 months. Now these capsules are a permanent part of my day, and I am so grateful. Some days I have to increase my TheraLife Eye dosage because I am a constant traveler, or I have to increase it when the weather gets hotter and drier, as it does here in Victoria, Australia. But it only takes a couple of days of double dosage to get relief, then I return to 2 capsules/day to maintain the good health of my eyes. I find I can take 1 capsule at a time with food, otherwise they can make me feel a little nauseous. But that is not a problem, and it is well worth it. Once again, my sincere thanks to you all – also for your emails keeping me up to date with all the information and for the support.

*Note: Results may vary.*


Can’t Believe I Have Such Total Relief

I hesitated to order these pills because of the disappointment I experienced with other companies’ products. I’m so glad I gave this a try. I had dry eyes before Lasik surgery in 2007 and was still told I was a good candidate. After Lasik, two eye doctors diagnosed me with chronic blepharitis and age-related dry eye syndrome. I was miserable, and all I could think of was how dry, red and painful my eyes were ALL THE TIME! I was on prescription eye drop and an antibiotic drop. Both were very expensive. I started with the recommended four capsules of TheraLife Enhanced twice a day and after taking the pills after meals and reducing the dosage to two twice a day after my symptoms were gone – really helps. I still can’t believe I have such total relief, and I am so grateful for TheraLife Enhanced. I very rarely use the lubricating eye drops I relied on before.

*Note: Results may vary.*

C. L.

Only Solution That Helped

I have had dry eyes for many years and tried all kinds eye drops and treatments from my ophthalmologist with no results. Last year, I was told I needed eye glasses because my eyes watered so much I could not read the vision chart. This year, I went for my eye test and I was told my eyes were so much better I don’t need eye glasses. I have been taking TheraLife for only 2 months and started to have some relief after the first two weeks. TheraLife is the only solution that helped. I continue to take TheraLife Eye to keep watery eyes at bay.

*Note: Results may vary.*

S. R.

Made A Huge Difference

I have suffered for many years with severe watery and painful eyes. Nothing I ever tried had worked. I visited many eye specialists who told me to wash my eyes with salt solution and use various eye drops which only appeared to aggravate my eyes even more! I am so pleased to have found TheraLife. It took more than 3 months on 8 capsules per day at the beginning. Now I have been taking 4 capsules a day now for about 2 years plus the Omega 3 Fish Oil. This has made a huge difference to my dry eye problem. I don’t use eye drops anymore. I clean my eyelids thoroughly twice a day in the morning and evening to prevent blepharitis recurrence. I am so delighted with TheraLife Eye. Thank you again for your personal care and response.

*Note: Results may vary.*


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