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Latest Sjogren’s Research – Antibodies Binds to Nerve Endings. The reason why there are so many nerve-related symptoms in Sjogren’s. 

A group of scientists from Adelaide University has found that antibodies found in primary Sjogren’s people’s blood bind to the receptors of tiny nerve endings. These nerve endings are located in glandular structures and other organs and can block the transmission of nerve signals. This signal blocking can result in the various nerve-related symptoms of Sjogren’s Disease.  

The research findings will help the understanding and treatment of other autoimmune diseases.

Symptoms of Sjogren’s Disease

Typical Sjogren’s Symptoms are:

  • severe dryness of the eyes and mouth 
  • extensive dental cavities, thrush
  • Fatigue
  • muscle and joint pains – nerve related. 
  • swollen glands
  • Other widespread complaints- fibromyalgia.  

Traditional treatments focus on immune suppressants and anti-inflammatories. Most of these drugs include significant side effects that important.   

TheraLife Can Help:

Why TheraLife? 

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It addresses the inflammatory aspects of autoimmune diseases; revives and restores normal cell functions intra-cellularly. This multi-pronged approach gradually guides your immune system to be calmer and less likely to flare.

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How Does TheraLife Autoimmune Work?

  • Restores normal cell functions to tear secretion and salivary glands
  • Regulate immune system to reduce flares.
  • Reduce inflammation in joints to reduce pain and restore natural movements.

 What is in TheraLife Autoimmune:

TheraLife Eye Autoimmune formula composition :

 -1.Immune regulators- to help modulate and regulate the immune system

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 -3 To enhance energy without caffeine during the day and helps sleep at night.

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