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A small bump that looks similar to a pimple and appears on the eyelid is called a chalazion.  If more than one is present, it is referred to as chalazia.  A chalazion is usually caused because of a blocked meibomian gland (oil gland) that develops on the inside of the upper or lower eyelid.  In rare instances, the cause of chalazia is skin cancer.  On its own, a chalazion will disappear in about a month.  However, for recurring chalazion’s, one needs to deal with the underlying problem of Meibomian gland clogging resulted from chronic dry eyes to get rid of it. TheraLife has a complete line of eye-care products to aid in the treatment of a chalazion. TheraLife eyelid cleanser keeps eyelids and eyelashes clean and free of debris. A hot compress opens up blocked meibomian glands, and the TheraLife Eye Enhanced oral supplement tablets bring balance and sustainable tear production to heal dry eyes from the inside.

Meibomian Glands and Chalazia

Chalazion is also referred to as a meibomian cyst, conjunctival granuloma, or tarsal cyst, a chalazion is caused from meibomian glands that become blocked and do not allow the flow of vital fluid to reach the surface of the eye.  With 30 to 40 meibomian glands in the upper and lower eyelids, the tiny openings that secrete the water, oil, and mucus mixture called sebum, can easily become blocked or clogged caused by inflammation from dry eyes, blepharitis and or not cleaned properly. This sebaceous liquid can also harden near the opening of the meibomian gland.  If this happens, the material in the gland backs up and causes the gland to swell.  Inflammation of the eyelid and the gland occurs.  This inflammation and lump is referred to as a chalazion.  Once the meibomian gland is freed of the blockage, the chalazion normally reduces in size slowly until it disappears.  

Symptoms and Treatment Options

Those who suffer from meibomian gland dysfunction tend to develop a chalazion more often.  Often confused with styes, which is an infection of the meibomian gland, a chalazion is not painful or contagious.  Treating a chalazion is much easier to than a stye due to the absence of infection. Common symptoms of a chalazion include:

  • A large lump on the eyelid that develops quickly
  • Increased tearing of the eyes
  • Blurry or blocked vision
  • Sensitivity to light
  • A tender spot on the eyelid

Hot Compress

A natural treatment for a chalazion is the application of a hot compress.  Keeping the eyelids clean and free of dirt and debris by using an effective eye lid cleanser also help.  Advanced natural treatment protocols such as TheraLife help a person to heal quicker from a chalazion than other methods.

Why meibomian glands cause inflammation

Inflammation causes meibomian glands to shut down which results in dry eyes.  TheraLife Eye Enhanced reduces inflammation and restores the ability of these glands to produce healthy levels of necessary lubricants to prevent dry eyes.  

What is the most effective way of treating chalazion?

Therefore, the best remedy for chalazion treatment and prevention is a combination of a hot compress, gentle eyelid cleansing, TheraLife Eye Enhanced, and TheraLife Omega-3 Fish Oil( to provide lubrication until your own Meibomian glands function normally. A hot compress melts any harden sebum that is blocking the meibomian gland followed by gentle massage of the upper and lower eye lids to loosen the clogging.  A gentle eyelid cleanser from TheraLife keeps lashes and lids free and clear of dirt.  TheraLife Eye Enhanced and TheraLife Omega-3 Fish Oil allow the body to naturally produce the protective liquids that cover the surface of the eye.

When is surgery necessary for a chalazion?

If a chalazion persists or becomes so large that vision is blocked or is curving the eye surface, then surgery may be required.  However, this should be sought as a last resort and naturally remedies usually rid a patient of a chalazion in a month or two.

For those who do not wish to undergo surgery, TheraLife Eye Enhanced contains everything needed to heal quickly and naturally.

What is TheraLife Eye Enhanced?

In clinical trials, TheraLife Eye proved that it was successful at providing relief for 4 out of 5 first-time users.  Tested to ensure safety, purity, and the highest biological activity, all TheraLife products follow GMO quality guidelines in pharmaceutical grade facilities in the U.S.  With a 90-day money back guarantee, there is nothing to lose with TheraLife Eye Enhanced Bundle except those painful chalazia.

Chalazion Prevention

Some people have thicker meibomian gland secretions than others and have a higher risk for acquiring a chalazion.  In addition, those who have already had a chalazion are at greater risk for developing another one in the future. Therefore, keeping the glands free and clear of obstructions and using TheraLife Eye Enhanced’s natural chronic dry eye relief to restore normal tear function for dry eye relief to begin with are key to preventing future occurrences of developing a chalazion.     

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