The number of people complaining to their eye doctor of eyes that are either dry, burning, painful, or red has increased dramatically over the last few decades.  There are a number of reasons that eyes become dry: tear production (over or under), certain physical conditions, such as Autoimmune Sjogren’s disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, or even menopause.  

In addition to the physical aspects that affect the eyes, there are many outside influences that can affect dry eyes:  the environment, modern conveniences, and even medicine (prescribed and over-the-counter) can add to this already painful condition.

Dr. Matthew Wade, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at the Gavin Herbert Eye Institute, University of California, Irvine, recently shared a list of causes that can exacerbate dry eyes.

Tears Are the Eyes Defense

According to the American Optometric Association, the condition of dry eyes is caused when the eyes do not have enough “quality tears to lubricate and nourish the eye.”  This is different from eyes drying out do to a particular incident, such as riding with the windows down. If after the event that caused the eyes to dry out, the eyes go back to comfortable and produce quality tears, then dry eye is not the cause.  

However, for millions of people all over the world, dry eye syndrome (DES) is a continuous problem that causes uncomfortable vision and may even lead to impaired vision if not treated.

Tears can be lost due to:

  • Eyes that do not produce enough tears
  • Tears evaporating too quickly
  • Eyelids that do not function correctly
  • An imbalance of water, oil, and mucus (the composition of tears)
  • Medical conditions
  • Environmental conditions
  • Medications
  • Eye surgery such as LASIK
  • Extended computer usage- Computer Vision Syndrome

Symptoms of Dry Eyes

Just as there are a number of different reasons that eyes become dry, there are a number of symptoms, too.  Night time dry eye is a condition where the dry eyes symptoms become worse at night.

What causes night time dry eyes?

Events that occur during the day lead up to symptoms that worsen at night.  Such symptoms can affect vision, while others are physical.

Main reason for dry eye symptoms getting worse at night can be due to:

  • Low metabolism during sleep- delivering less blood and nutrients to the eyes.  Taking TheraLife Eye capsules right before bedtime will increase blood delivery during sleep and relief dry eye symptoms.  
  • Eye lids partially open – allowing tears to evaporate.  In this case, a moisture goggle or night time mask can be very helpful.

The eye surface is divided into three separate layers (outer oily layer, middle watery layer, and inner mucus layer) with each layer working together to help the eye focus.  When there is an imbalance between these three layers, a number of visual and physical symptoms can occur:

    • Out of focus vision hinders the ability to see near, far, or fine details.
    • Photophobia (sensitivity to light) occurs when the surface of the eye is dry and irregularities on the surface cause the light entering the eye to scatter which leads to intense discomfort.  Constant squinting can lead to headaches.
    • Nighttime driving, on the other hand, occurs when the darkness causes the pupils to dilate and allow more light into the eye.  When the surface is dry, the light is scattered and causes halos and glare from a light source. This can be especially dangerous when driving.
    • Many people describe foreign body sensation as having a piece of sand or grit in the eye.
    • Red eyes are caused when the blood vessels on the surface become enlarged.
    • Dry eye pain can range from mild to severe.  It can present on the eye surface, the eyelids, and even scalp.
    • Eye irritation symptoms, such as stinging, burning, and itching, occur on the eye surface and eyelids.
    • When eyes are watery, the delicate balance between the protective fluids on the eye surface become imbalanced and can actually cause dry eyes.
    • Heavy eyelids or tired eyes can be caused by dry eyes.
    • Staring at a computer screen, reading a book for hours, or even driving long distances can cause the eyes to blink less which increases tear evaporation.
    • Contact lenses can cause eye irritation and pain if left in for too long.
    • Some dry eye sufferers report an inability to cry, even when emotionally compelled to do so.  
    • Discharge from the eyes can be a result of too much mucus discharge on the surface of the eye.
    • According to, 20 percent of people experience sleeping with their eyes open known as nocturnal lagophthalmos.  This can lead to evaporation on the eye surface.
    • Hormonal changes cause women in menopause to experience dry eyes at a higher rate than their male counterparts.
    • LASIK surgery to correct poor vision creates corneal flaps that affect the nerves responsible for tear production and cause some patients to experience dry eyes.

Interestingly, all of the symptoms listed can cause eyes to dry out at night. Although many of the causes of dry eyes occur during the day, it becomes more noticeable in the evening.

Additionally, all of these dry eye causes can be eased or eliminated with TheraLife. With an entire line of natural products, TheraLife provides dry eye relief through natural therapy.

Clinically proven to work for 80% of first time users, TheraLife Eye Enhanced is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that allow the body to heal the eyes from the inside out.  The proprietary blend restores and revitalizes intracellularly the glands that secrete tears in order to allow the eyes to produce its own tears naturally.

Fish oil is known to benefit the eyes.  TheraLife Omega-3 Fish Oil is purified, and the lighter fractions of fish oil are collected.  Many other fish oil capsules do not use this process and mercury, PCB, and other contaminants are left behind.

By using TheraLife Eye Lid Cleaner, dirt, mites, and other irritants are removed from the eyelids and lash line.

Using the Elasto-gel hot compress during the day can provide relief for dry eyes.  When used at night, the mask not only provides relief, but can keep the eyelids closed during sleep.

Don’t continue to suffer with dry eyes.  Go to TheraLife now and begin your journey to dry eye relief.

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