TheraLife® Eye Enhanced Bundle

TheraLife Dry Eye Bundle

The Ultimate Approach to Dry Eye Relief

Our unique proprietary natural formula provides sustainable and lasting chronic dry eye relief. TheraLife Eye® Enhanced along with TheraLife® Omega-3 Fish Oil is clinically proven to achieve chronic dry eye relief from the inside out, through increasing intracellular metabolism (Mito-Activation), membrane permeability, and blood micro-circulation. This stimulates all the tear glands (meibomian, lacrimal, and goblet cells) to secrete their own tears naturally and overcome issues with poor micro-circulation and membrane permeability. Try TheraLife Eye Enhanced today!

Have your own fish oil? Need to use flax seed oil as a vegetarian substitute?

You may purchase TheraLife® Eye Enhanced only.


TheraLife® Eye Enhanced Bundle
Maintenance (2 bottles + fish oil)

For customers with already established tear film stability.

TheraLife® Eye Enhanced
Maintenance (2 bottles)

For customers with already established tear film stability.

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