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    TheraLife developed proprietary and unique formulas to restore normal cell functions from inside out. TheraLife® Eye is clinically proven to achieve chronic dry eye relief through increasing intracellular metabolism (Mito-Activation), membrane permeability and blood micro- circulation. Enabling the tear and salivary glands to secret their own moisture naturally

    Your search for dry eye relief is over, TheraLife® has the complete solution!

  • TheraLife Eye
    TheraLife Eye Fish Oil Menopausal

    TheraLife Eye

    • Is Clinically Proven, Works for 80% of first time users
    • Restores your eyes own natural ability to produce tears
    • Reduces irritation and inflammation of tear glands, eye surface, eye lids
    • Is more than fish oil and flax seed oil alone
    • Restores and revitalizes the eye's tear secretion function
    • Is the only treatment for Watery Dry Eyes

    Your choice for dry eye relief is clear
    TheraLife has the complete solution

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  • TheraLife Eye Autoimmune
    Fatigue Autoimmune Fish Oil

    TheraLife Eye Autoimmune

    Specifically formulated to relief dry eye and dry mouth symptoms by restoring normal cell functions to tear and salivary glands intracellularly; reduce inflammation;and regulate immune systems to reduce flares. Relief from your own natural tears and saliva.

    No more eye drops, and mouth washes!

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  • TheraLife MaculaEye

    TheraLife MaculaEye

    • Anti-Aging, Preserve and Improve Vision
    • Visual impairment due to drusen bodies,
      fatty deposits?
    • Let MaculaEye help you preserve the integrity of
      your retina membrane by improving permeability
      to optimize fluid and protein transport

    Improve vision through MaculaEye

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  • Wrist Fatigue Neck and Shoulder
    Wrist Fatigue Neck and Shoulder

    Wrist, Fatigue, Neck and Shoulder

    • Wrist; Helps relieve pain and reduce inflammation for tendants and elbow injuries, especially carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Fatigue; Helps to relieve fatigue, provide more energy and promote healthy sleep
    • Neck; Helps reduce muscle soreness in the neck and shoulders
    • Back; Helps reduce soreness and stiffness in lower back and leg muscles

Amazing Dry Eye Relief TheraLife Eye

TheraLife® Eye-Chronic Dry Eyes

TheraLife Eye Enhanced is designed to restore both the thickness and tear volume to normal levels and provide balanced, sustainable eye moisture all day long. Especially helpful for watery eyes, blepharitis (crusty eye lid build up), meibomian gland dysfunction and more. Clinically proven to be 80% effective for first time users.

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TheraLife® Eye Autoimmune - Sjogrens, Rheumatoid Arthritis & More

TheraLife Eye Autoimmune is designed to restore both tear and salivary gland secretions. To regulate immune systems and to reduce Inflammation and flares. Clinically shown to improve symptoms of dry eyes in severe cases.

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