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TheraLife Eye Autoimmune

Specifically formulated to relief dry eye and dry mouth symptoms by restoring normal cell functions to tear and salivary glands intracellularly; reducing inflammation; and regulating immune systems. Relief from your own natural tears and saliva. No more eye drops, mouthwashes and chapped cornea.

Your choice for dry eye relief is clear.
TheraLife has the complete solution!

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Sjogren's dry eyes and dry mouth are very difficult to treat

  • The autoimmune mechanism destroys cells that produce moisture -primarily tear and salivary secretion glands.
  • It is necessary to balance the quality of tears and saliva in order to experience relief, assuming there are still intact cells to revive and rejuvenate.
  • It is necessary to regulate the immune system to stop further damage to the tear and salivary glands. Be patient! Expect to take 3 months or longer to establish stability.
  • Recommended product package Level III - minimum of 3 months and get the best value discount!
  • You have already suffered and searched for a solution that works for so long. TheraLife is the solution you have been searching for.

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